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First Texas Facility Dog to Serve Adults with Special Needs

Courtney Craig, 214-259-4658
June 5, 2018

Canine Companions for Independence has placed the Lone Star State’s first facility dog trained specifically for a community of adults with special needs.

The non-profit organization’s South Central Region trained and placed a Labrador/Golden Retriever cross named Yoshi with Daymark Living, the DFW area’s first neighborhood for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Opening this summer, Daymark Living provides a state-of-the-art residential community dedicated to helping adults age 18+ with IDD live, learn and thrive, in an all-inclusive environment that includes housing, education, and connections to employment.

“Yoshi was specifically matched with Daymark because of her calm and gentle temperament,” said Erin Christensen, Canine Companions for Independence Apprentice Instructor. “She has been trained in interactive commands and skills that her handler can utilize with residents, and with her affectionate personality she will love interacting with residents to provide fun and a sense of comfort.”

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Construction Progress-April

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Stories of Independence: Riley

“Our initial vision of Riley’s independence is for him to be able to expand his self-determination skills by making many decisions for himself in a protected environment surrounded by a dedicated staff and genuine friends.”

-Davila Niesen (Riley’s Mother)

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Stories of Independence: Austin Underdawgs

Interview and blog post by Sarah Blackwell Austin Underwood, 39, went to college right out of high school, and studied to be a prep chef. He’s lived on his own ever since graduation, but since jobs in the restaurant business were hard to find, he worked at a local grocery store for 14 years before asking a local restaurateur for a job. It’s incredibly exciting to hear how his dreams have begun to unfold over the last two years.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Austin Underwood and I have Down syndrome. I am 39 years old.

Tell us about your company:

Austin’s Underdawgs is a hot dog truck and we have a franchise.

When did you decide you were ready to start your own business?

In 2016.

Who helped you start your business?

My mother helped me start my business.

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Meet the best friends and first residents in a special-needs community for adults in D-FW

This December, thousands of young North Texans will anxiously await letters of early acceptance to universities across the country. But not Michael Poston and Chris Wheeler. They already know where they’ll land when they leave the nest next summer.

Michael, 22, and Chris, 21, will be the first residents, and roommates, at Daymark Living, a soon-to-open community for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Waxahachie.

They’re stoked.

Daymark Living isn’t exclusively for college-aged adults. It’s designed to be a home for young people whose siblings, friends and peers are transitioning from high school to the adult world.

When Michael’s dad, John Poston, dropped off Michael’s twin sister, Margot, at the airport for her first year of college, he returned home to find Michael in the same spot he’d been in when they left, sitting on the sofa, watching videos on his smartphone. John knew his youngest son deserved to experience life as a great adventure, just like his other children.

Read more about this amazing […]

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Learning to Let Go by John Poston

When Michael was in high school, it was easy to ignore the future. His days were filled with friends and activities, and he was reaching the milestones we dreamed he’d achieve. But then came graduation, and new questions arose.

The day I dropped Michael’s twin sister Margot off at the airport to leave for college, I was so proud. I’ll never forget watching her walk away, beaming with pride. When I returned home, I saw Michael in the same spot on the couch, watching videos on his phone.  And I recognized that despite him and his sister being only minutes apart in age, they were miles apart in their quality of life. I knew there had to be a next step for Michael, as well.

Sure, living with me meant Michael was safe and happy, but I didn’t want him stuck in that post-high school mode of life. On that path he […]

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Getting Ready for Summer Employment

By Caitlin Mullis “If you could only know me for who I am, instead of for who I am not, there would be so much more to see, because there’s so much more that I’ve got…” – Marc Gold

Society tends to label and preset limitations for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities(IDD) on what “they” can and cannot achieve. That’s the problem with labels – by labeling a community you lose sight of the potential of each individual.

According to National Core Indicators, 84% of Adults with Developmental Disabilities do not have a paid job in their own community.  We have to ask the question: “Why is the IDD population facing such a difficult time seeking employment?”  Is it the labels that society has put on them, is it the company’s lack of knowledge, or just the unwillingness to take a chance on […]

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Letting Go is Hard, But Letting Go is Beautiful.

BY: KARI ZERBE It’s overwhelming. Since your child was born, you have dedicated your life to loving, caring, protecting, and serving special needs. Doing anything else just seems unimaginable. You are not alone and your parenting is never done. Without a long-term plan, your child could have a traumatizing experience if something suddenly happens to you. So you must prepare.

Loving your child now means beginning the process of letting go for the future. Your child needs your steadfast support through whatever transition will come next. And you need the peace of mind knowing that your child will be safe, educated, social, possibly working in the community, and enjoying a full, thriving life. As you begin the planning process for this next chapter, I’d like to share with you some valuable guidance and helpful hints:

  1. Promote self esteem
    • Not just by telling your […]
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Ten Tips for a Meaningful, Independent Life

By James Williams ,MRC, CRC

When I was 12 years old, I received the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, today called Autism Spectrum Disorder, and my life was forever changed in a few significant ways. First, I finally had a name for why I felt so “weird” and socially out of place at the time. Second, with a name, I could do something about it right and get treatment. Finally, it gave me a sense of identity, which had previously just been, in my mind, “weird kid”. Well since that time, a lot has changed in my life, but those three things have actually not changed much at all and now, as a 30 year old adult, professional, husband, educator, counselor, doctoral student, and I am sure much more to come, I have not only come to terms with my diagnosis, I have decided that rather than letting it […]

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Training for Your Financial Marathon

This article was written by Beth E. Freudenburg. Beth is a financial advocate at Chapman Wealth Management in Dallas, TX. Beth has a passion for helping persons and families prepare a secure financial future. She specializes in helping families with Special Needs members and supporting Non-Profits. To learn more click here.

Money is a concept that all of us learn very early. As well, every one of us will, independently or as a family, plan for the uses, capabilities and sources of the money that will pass through our lives every day. All that planning can seem like a marathon.

Your financial marathon is one of the longest races you will ever run. Most of what you and your advisor plan (depending on your family) should be done with a long term perspective, but balanced […]

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