Affording the lifestyle they need to thrive.

We know that giving your loved one the opportunity to learn, grow and live independently after high school is your highest priority right now. At the same time, cost is a factor no one can ignore when deciding what comes next. While Daymark Living’s tuition is certainly a significant investment like that of college or trade schools, considering the many benefits our community offers, it’s a great value.

When you do the math, you’ll also see the advantages of Daymark Living come at a price that’s competitive with other post-high-school options.

Typical Monthly Expenses for an Adult with IDD Living Alone:

$1800: Rent & Utilities
$1000: Respite & Programs
$250: Public Transportation
$400: Entertainment & Dining
$550: Groceries & Essentials
Total Monthly Expenses: $4000
Daymark Living: $3,800

Average Monthly College Expenses:

Baylor $6,077
College Living Experience $5,343
Clemson Life $7,996
Shepherd’s College $4,306
SMU $7,221
Texas Tech $3,924
University of Texas $4,283
Daymark Living $3,700

Cost estimates include: housing, utilities, washer/dryer rental, furniture rental, groceries and essentials, entertainment and recreation, programming/classes and books and supplies.