Is Your Child With Disabilities Ready to Live Independently?

By | December 25th, 2018|

Article originally published by DFWThrive here

By Kelley Wooley


“I assumed Riley would live with us forever,” says mom Davila Niesen.

Since her son was a baby, Niesen and her husband Robert knew that something was “off.”

“For a long time, we just kept being told that he had global development delays,” Niesen explains.

Finally, when Riley was 8 years old (the earliest age allowed at the time), he had testing done through Plano Independent School District. His vocabulary was very limited, which made testing all the more difficult. Results revealed an extremely low IQ and a likely diagnosis of autism.

“We heard the words but as parents, we had no idea what they really meant,” recalls Niesen. “The results gave us some answers but Riley’s future was still very unclear.”

The future often looks nebulous for children like Riley. For parents, just the thought of planning for their kid’s […]

Journey To Daymark Living: Chris

By | December 17th, 2018|

Tim and Nancy Wheeler’s son Chris is one of the first residents making the big move to Daymark Living. A big transition like this looks different for each family & individual so we sat down with the Wheeler’s to learn what this journey has looked like for them!

D: How have you prepared Chris to move to Daymark?

TW: We’ve been discussing for a LONG time.  Not sure that it has “prepared” Chris but he thinks he is ready.

NW: We obviously worked on living skills as best we could and although I think he has a ways to go on a number of things, I know he is capable and will likely become proficient with someone else showing or teaching him. We have talked a lot about how Daymark will be like a college experience where he can live with friends,  go to classes, have a job and participate in new activities. […]