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Latest News

Learning to Let Go by John Poston

When Michael was in high school, it was easy to ignore the future. His days were filled with friends and activities, and he was reaching the milestones we dreamed he’d achieve. But then came graduation, and new questions arose. The day I dropped Michael’s twin sister...

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Getting Ready for Summer Employment

By Caitlin Mullis“If you could only know me for who I am, instead of for who I am not, there would be so much more to see, because there’s so much more that I’ve got…” – Marc Gold Society tends to label and preset limitations for...

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Letting Go is Hard, But Letting Go is Beautiful.

BY: KARI ZERBE It’s overwhelming. Since your child was born, you have dedicated your life to loving, caring, protecting, and serving special needs. Doing anything else just seems unimaginable. You are not alone and your parenting is never done. Without a long-term...

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Ten Tips for a Meaningful, Independent Life

By James Williams ,MRC, CRCWhen I was 12 years old, I received the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, today called Autism Spectrum Disorder, and my life was forever changed in a few significant ways. First, I finally had a name for why I felt so “weird” and socially...

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Training for Your Financial Marathon

This article was written by Beth E. Freudenburg. Beth is a financial advocate at Chapman Wealth Management in Dallas, TX. Beth has a passion for helping persons and families prepare a secure financial future. She specializes in helping families with Special Needs...

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Dream Planning and Future Opportunities for Special Needs

This post originally appeared at I grew up in a family of people who pray. While those prayers were rooted in deep faith and accompanied with a history of tradition and church, the premise of the prayers were to let our thoughts be known–to speak our...

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Independence Happens Here