What parents are saying about Daymark Living.

There is no better way to understand what your child’s experience will be like than to hear from another parent. Take a look at these parent testimonials for a personal take on Daymark Living.

“As Dallas residents, our son’s move to Waxahachie gives us lots of comfort and support, while transitioning him from living at home to living in a suitable new community. Our son will not miss out on any family or friend’s events at home with the easy commute to and from Dallas and Waxahachie. Daymark Living offers a huge support system for work and socializing, and to live in a community suited for our son’s needs and growth. The more experiences we can give our son, the greater comfort we as parents and the rest of the family can enjoy, too.” – Margaret Wolf

“I want a place where my son can live in a safe community, where he’s engaged in an intellectually and physically stimulating lifestyle that makes him happy. Basically, I want him to have the opportunity to live just like his siblings do.” – John Poston

“We have been very fortunate that our son had a great preschool experience at Rise School of Dallas and a great experience throughout his time in our school district, Special Olympics program and Job Transition program. His life has been greatly enriched by the many quality relationships that he has built within his peer group over the past 20 years. My fear has been that as he enters the next phase of his life, after aging out of the school system, he might become more isolated and less active. My hope for him is to live in a place where he continues to enjoy a sense of community, living with his peers in a nurturing environment that allows him to live the fullest, most independent life possible. I believe that we have found that place in the vision of Daymark Living.” – Tim Wheeler

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