Committed to helping adults with intellectual and developmental delays reach their fullest potential.

Daymark Living started with a vision: to provide both an environment and a peer group to promote greater independence and a better quality of life for adults with intellectual and developmental delays.

Our personal experiences with our own children have taught us that even those who are most dependent seek independence, and that independence leads to happiness. However, after high school, living arrangements for individuals with intellectual and developmental delays, such as Down syndrome and autism, are few and far between.

It was our pursuit of a better environment that led to the creation of Daymark Living, a groundbreaking new address for adults with learning differences, intellectual delays and other special needs.

We’re supporting our vision with a set of specific goals:

  • To create a caring place to belong
  • To inspire self-confidence
  • To encourage personal development
  • To provide job-specific training
  • To build meaningful relationships with peers, staff and the community at large

We will achieve this by staying true to our core values:

  • Health
  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Purpose
  • Pride
  • Connection

Together with our team of compassionate professionals, educators, management advisors, developers and community staff, we are addressing a real need for parents of adults with intellectual and developmental delays. And in the process, we are providing those adults with the purpose-built home away from home they so urgently need.